Obama downgrades speech venue. Here's what else he downgraded.

After promising he would fill the 75,000-seat Bank of America Stadium and give his Democrat nomination acceptance speech "rain or shine," Obama has canceled the venue amid troubles filling the seats, downgrading the venue to the 15,000-seat Time Warner Cable Arena.
What else has Obama downgraded?

America's credit rating: AAA in January 2009, AA+ today.

Working labor force: 65.7 million in January 2009, 63.7 million in July 2012 (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Business startups: "The U.S. business startup rate fell to the lowest point on record for new firm births in 2010, the most current year for which data is available." (Source: Kansas City Star, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation)

Inflation rate: 0.0% in January 2009, 1.4% in July 2012 (Source: U.S. Inflation Calculator)

The Misery Index: 7.83 in  2009, 9.71 in 2012 (Source: U.S. Misery Index)

Americans not on food stamps: 31.9 million food stamp recipients in January 2009, 46.7 million in June 2012 (Source: USDA)

National debt: 10.6 trillion on January 20 2009, 16.0 trillion on August 31, 2012 (Source: U.S. Treasury)

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