Bullock faces more than $46,000 fine for illegal campaign checks

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock faces a fine between $15,472.15 and $46,416.45 after the state's Commission on Political Practices ruled he passed 11 illegal campaign checks totaling $15,472.15 in the Nov. 6 race for governor.

Under Montana law the fine for a campaign finance violation is one to three times the amount involved.

Bullock, the state's top law enforcement officer, faces around a dozen other charges of illegal campaign fundraising that are still to be ruled on by the Commission.

Additionally, Bullock must appear before a federal judge Monday to face contempt charges after he falsely claimed a $500,000 contribution from the Montana Republican Party to his opponent, Rick Hill, was illegal and sought enforcement actions.  The contribution was legal at the time it was made.  Retroactively enforcing laws that did not exist at the time violates the federal court order in the case, as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Bullock will also likely face a federal investigation in a corruption case to be filed next week.

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