NAACP not happy about advancement of colored person

South Carolina Congressman Tim Scott will break a color barrier when he becomes the United States Senate's only black member and first black Republican since Reconstruction and some people aren't too happy about it.

Namely the NAACP, who are hinting they will seek to cleanse the Senate of the black representative.

"(H)is voting record in the U.S. House of Representatives raises major concerns,” NAACP senior vice president for advocacy and policy Hilary Shelton tells The Daily Caller.

“It is important, we believe, that he recognize that awesome responsibility and perhaps what we’ll see is a change in how he votes and what he advocates for in a way more consistent the NAACP has as well.”

He blasted Scott for supporting education reforms that would give parents and local communities more control over schools and curriculum.  The education policies supported by the NAACP have led to lower test scores and graduation rates for black students.

Shelton indicated the NAACP will try to deliver the black lawmaker's seat to a white politician, removing all black representation in the Senate, should he seek re-election.

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