Crazy video from inside North Korea of their new nuclear missile

The dictatorship of North Korea test-fired a new missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to Japan and U.S. Pacific naval bases, and they waited until U.S. President Donald Trump was meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to launch it.

The new Pukguksong-2 uses solid fuel, instead of unstable liquid.  That not only makes the missile more accurate and reliable, it allows the regime to fire missiles from more bases -- and without the two to three days of set-up that was previously warning the United States.

North Korea already has 24 nuclear warheads, and are quickly developing new ones that can be delivered using these new missiles.

Below is the official television broadcast from inside North Korea announcing the launch.  The anchor is Ri Chun-Hee.  Unofficially retired as the regime's most prestigious news anchor, she is only brought back for major announcements -- such as the development of North Korea's most deadly addition to its growing nuclear arsenal.

Starting at around the 2:37 mark, you can see photographs from inside North Korea's nuclear weapons facilities showing the development of the missile, as well as the actual video from the missile launch.

Keep in mind, this is produced by the dictatorship's official state-run propaganda ministry.

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