Romney feted at $50K per plate fundraiser by abortion pill maker

Pro-life advocates are still worried about Mitt Romey's coziness with abortion industry, raising fears that if elected he can't be relied upon to stop abortion or appoint pro-life judges.

At the top of those worries at a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser Romney held at the palatial mansion of a corporate executive who makes abortion pills.

"Since 2010, Philip Frost has served as the chairman of the Board of Teva Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures a wide range of contraceptive pills, including the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step," The Daily Caller reported.

"'I would be shocked if, after they are aware of the fact that this guy is the chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals, that they go forward with this fundraiser,' Nance said, noting that sometimes the money side of a campaign is not in lockstep with the policy and communications sides," The Daily reported.

"Nance further said that she would strongly urge the campaign to cancel the event 'because it is dirty money,' adding that she will be 'sorely disappointed' and 'question if Gov. Romney has a clear understanding of what it means to be pro-life' if they go through with it."

Romney went to the fundraiser and pocketed the abortion money.

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