Study confirms poorly informed people lean liberal

A new poll of Americans who are unlikely to vote confirms once again that people who are less motivated to register to vote or show up at the polls are disproportionately liberal.

The new Suffolk University/USA Today poll of 800 unlikely voters and adults not registered to vote finds:

* 34 percent of unlikely or nonvoters say they are moderates, 28 percent are conservatives, 27 percent are liberals, 8 percent “don’t know.”

Among all Americans, Gallup finds 40 percent identify as conservative, 35 percent moderate and 21 percent as liberal.  The poll finds unmotivated people are less likely to be conservative, just as likely to be moderate and much more likely to be liberal.  
* 31 percent of unlikely or nonvoters are not registered, 30 percent are Democrats, 17 percent are independent and 14 percent are Republicans.

That means among unlikely voters who are registered, 49 percent are Democrats, 28 percent are independent and 23 percent are Republican.  That sharply contrasts with the latest Gallup poll of nationwide political party identification, where 31 percent identify as Democrats, 40 percent as independents and 27 percent as Republicans.
Who do unmotivated or uninformed Americans want as president?

* 43 percent of this group would vote for President Obama, if they chose to vote; 23 percent would pick a third party candidate, 15 percent are undecided and 14 percent would vote for Mitt Romney.

Most polls have Obama and Romney tied in the upper to mid 40s.  Unmotivated and non voters break for Obama just as much as other voters, but people who bother to vote or at least register are dramatically more likely to support Romney.

So, why do I call this largely liberal voting bloc "uninformed?"

* "Only 39% could correctly name the vice president, Joe Biden."

That's the mirror opposite of voters at large, 59 percent of whom correctly named the vice president in the Pew Research Center's poll of public political knowledge.

This poll of 800 U.S. adults who say it is unlikely or a “50/50 chance” they will vote was conducted July 30 to Aug. 8 and released Wednesday.

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