VIDEO: Obama screamer disrupts Romney event, spits on woman

New required wear for Obama screamers?
Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch were in the middle of a "Women for Romney" event when Obama supporters tried once again to disrupt speeches with screaming and assaults.

This time it was caught on tape.

Obama supporter Mary Hoglund of Appleton interrupted the event, screaming about Planned Parenthood.  When she was asked to be quiet, she spat in the woman's face.

Hoglund and other Obama screamer were escorted away by police.

“This is a private business and we invited a small group of clients and friends,” said Chris Hanson, who was hosting the event at his business. “Whatever happened to grace and mercy in politics?

The tantrum is the latest in a new strategy by Obama supporters to shut down conservative speeches by interrupting, screaming and assaulting women.

Earlier this week screaming Obama supporters rushed the stage during a Paul Ryan speech at the Iowa State Fair and punched a woman in the face, forcing Secret Service agents to hustle Ryan into a van and leave for his own safety.  Obama supporters screamed profanities at the agents.

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