No warming: NASA admits Arctic ice loss due to storms, Antarctic ice sets record

"In a September 18 video posted by NASA on its website, they admit that the Arctic cyclone, which began on August 1, “wreaked havoc on the Arctic sea ice cover” by “breaking up sea ice,” Marc Moreno reports.  (NASA story here)

"Global warming activists have been giddy in their hyping of the satellite era record low Arctic sea ice extent while ignoring the satellite record sea ice expansion in the Antarctic."

"Reuters news service filed a September 21 report based on NASA’s video admission titled: “NASA says Arctic cyclone played ‘key role’ in record ice melt.” The news segment details how the Arctic sea ice was reduced due to “a powerful cyclone that scientists say ‘wreaked havoc’ on ice cover during the month of August.” (Reuters on “Arctic Cyclone” — 0:47 second long segment — Rob Muir reporting.)"

Meanwhile, the Antarctic ice is growing rapidly, something that doesn't happen in "global warming."

So rapidly, in fact, it's the most sea ice ever recorded at either pole. 

Generally the planet averages between 15 and 23 million square kilometers of sea ice.  Right now we have 18 million, which is 1 million more than the seasonal average.

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