Liberals compare school reformers to Newtown killer, suggest healing by uniting against school choice

In what can only be termed sociopathic behavior, two prominent liberals are gleefully using the mass killing of children in Connecticut to push an unrelated political agenda against education reform.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education and teachers union activist Diane Ravitch started the disgusting spree by declaring the process of emotional healing in Newtown Conn. can begin by uniting the community against school reformers.

"Newtown does not need a charter school. What it needs now is healing. Not competition, not division, but a community coming together to help one another. Together. Not competing," writes Ravitch.

The deranged Ravitch then insinuated that tying tenure and teacher pay to performance is somehow related to the massacre.

"Oh, and one other thing, all these dedicated teachers belonged to a union. The senior teachers had tenure, despite the fact that 'reformers' (led by ConnCAN, StudentsFirst, and hedge fund managers) did their best last spring to diminish their tenure and to tie their evaluations to test scores," Ravitch wrote.

Ravitch is no nameless fringe character.  She is a Research Professor of Education at New York University.  "In 2010, the National Education Association selected her as its 'Friend of Education,'" she states in her biography.

Shockingly her depraved behavior was celebrated, not criticized, by school union bosses.  Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teachers Union, went so far as to commend Ravitch for politicizing the tragedy and even declared advocates of school choice are child killers themselves.

"There might have been a time where 'politicizing' tragic events, especially mass shootings was thought to be in poor taste. That has changed with the 24/7 news cycle that continues to focus far too much time and energy on the perpetrator of the massacre than that of our precious victims. (Teach for America vice president David) Rosenberg’s 'false outrage' needs to be checked. That same false outrage should show itself when policies his colleagues support kill and disenfranchise children from schools across this nation," rambled Lewis*.

The head of the Chicago Teachers Union just said charter school teachers are themselves mass child killers.

Both need to apologize, and be closely watched.

* That was her statement as written in her capacity as Chicago's top education union official, including punctuation errors and improper use of phrases.

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