No NASA Cuts: Stockman urges Obama to adopt Smartquester

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman Thursday once again urged Obama to drop his plans for across-the-board sequestration cuts and instead adopt the “Stockman Smartquester.

“Obama is threatening to move ahead with his sequestration cuts if Republicans don’t give in to his demands for higher taxes,” said Stockman. “Republicans already gave Obama tax hikes without spending cuts. Obama needs to stop bullying people, drop his own sequester and reduce spending with smart cuts.”

“I’m working to avoid needless cuts to critical programs like NASA and permitting for oil, gas and timber,” said Stockman. “Obama wants to use his sequester to spread fear and panic.”

While Obama’s sequester seeks $83.4 billion in spending cuts, the Stockman Smartquester saves even more money, $84 billion from just five programs, without touching essential services.

“Not only does the Stockman Smartquester save even more money than Obama’s blunt sequester cuts, it cuts spending without touching critical programs like police, schools and NASA,” said Stockman.

The plan, five simple spending cuts which meet Obama’s sequester reduction targets without cuts to essential programs, is outlined below:

Eliminate the government’s “free cell phone” plan that has ballooned into the ObamaPhone giveaway, 41 percent of which goes to people not even eligible:
$2.2 billion in savings

Eliminate ObamaCare’s “Public Health Slush Fund,” which even Democrats want to eliminate:
$10 billion in savings

Require food stamp recipients, the numbers of which have exploded under Obama, to actually be eligible for food stamps:
$26 billion in savings

Eliminate overpayments for ObamaCare exchange subsidies:
$44 billion in savings

Eliminate Obama’s “renewable energy” fund in the Energy Department
$1.8 billion in savings

$84 billion

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