Stockman statement on 2-23 Day of Resistance

I whole heartedly endorse the February 23rd “2-23 Day of Resistance” and urge every gun owner, and everyone concerned about civil rights and peace, to call their member of Congress and urge him or her to oppose all anti-gun legislation.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms in an unalienable civil and human right.  An armed populace is the reason the United States are the world’s oldest and most stable democracy.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is clear.  Every peaceful person should be able to possess arms without restrictions, reporting or permission to serve as an unorganized civilian military force to resist violence, oppression or invasion.

And that is why I have introduced several pieces of legislation to not just fight gun control, but restore the Second Amendment’s full constitutional protections.

The Safe Schools Act would repeal the federal government’s failed, deadly experiment with so-called “gun free school zones.” Since their introduction in 1990, the number of mass shooting on college and school campuses has increased 500%.  So-called “gun free school zones” have made our schools more dangerous.

Senator Rand Paul and I are working together to pass the Restore The Constitution Act.  This bill would repeal any past, present or future Executive Order that violates the Second Amendment or assumes the legislative power of Congress.  It would stop Obama’s anti-gun power grabs before they can even be signed.

I have also introduced the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, which would stop the gun grabbers’ plan to strip peaceful veterans of their right to keep and bear arms just because they once sought counseling.  Under this bill, no veteran can be denied a gun without going through the courts and under due process of law.  Gun grabbers plan to use a broad, vague definition of mental illness to strip millions of mentally healthy people of their gun rights, and they’re specifically targeting veterans.

And that’s just my first few weeks back in Congress.  There will be much more.

But I need you standing with me.  Please support my efforts to protect – and restore – the Second Amendment.

The statistics are clear.  More guns and more gun capacity in the hands of civilians leads to less crime and more peace.  Women especially need to be armed, even if the official and repeated position of the Democrat Party now seems to be that woman are mentally incapable of figuring out how to use a gun.  I suggest they come to Texas and speak to our intelligent, empowered women.

We can and will win this fight because more and more Americans understand the right to keep and bear arms is a basic human and civil right that makes society more peaceful.  But we won’t win the legislative battle unless all of you begin contacting your congressmen and making it clear any vote for any anti-gun legislation will put them out of a job.

God bless each and every gun owner, and God bless Texas.

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