Stockman slams Obama’s ‘scarequester’ scheme to release criminals

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas 36) demanded the White House stop releasing illegal aliens from federal custody as part of an administration effort to build public fear of Obama’s own sequestration plan and give him leverage to demand tax hikes.

“Obama is releasing illegals into the streets before his sequester in hopes of using fear as negotiating tactic for higher taxes. He’s literally placing American lives in danger for partisan gain,” said Stockman.

“Rather than cut spending for the free ObamaPhone giveaway Obama is releasing criminals from federal custody.  He proposed sequester, demanded it as a condition of a debt increase and signed it into law.  He’s using his sequester to needlessly threaten public safety if he doesn’t get his tax hikes,” said Stockman.

“It’s childish, reckless and beneath the dignity of the office,” said Stockman.  “Even Bob Woodward accuses Obama of ‘madness.’”

Arizona officials tell Fox News that Immigrations and Customs enforcement officials plan to release 10,000 illegal aliens from federal custody to meet the terms of Obama’s sequester.
House Republicans have passed two bills to replace Obama’s sequester with targeted spending cuts.  Obama refuses to negotiate and is now demanding tax hikes in exchange for an agreement to end his sequester.

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