GOP says April jobs report shows more work to be done

WASHINGTON -  Republican Study Committee Chairman Steve Scalise Friday issued the following statement after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the April jobs report.

            “On the heels of March’s lowest workforce participation in more than 30 years, today’s April jobs report shows there’s still much work to be done,” Scalise said. “According to recent reports, private sector job growth, the backbone of our economy, slowed to a crawl in April as companies hired fewer employees than they had each of the last seven months.  Contrary to the popular belief among Washington liberals, a bigger federal government is the problem not the solution.

            “There are common-sense solutions to address America's economic problems that House Republicans continue fighting for, like green lighting the Keystone XL Pipeline that will create 20,000 jobs and promote a healthy economy here at home.  Next week, the House will take another proactive step to protect America’s credit rating and safeguard our economy by passing the Full Faith and Credit Act.  It’s time for liberals in Washington to stop focusing on raising taxes and threatening default, and start working with us responsibly to finally balance the federal budget.”

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  1. jessymillJuly 17, 2013

    Some conservatives are suggesting that the Obama Administration "tampered" with the figures shown in Friday's jobs report. The report said that thousands of jobs had been created in September, and that the unemployment rate had plummeted to 7.8 percent.