Democrats cheer on Family Research Council shooter

23. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a minor flesh wound in the arm, and the guard took one for the

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team in order to gain sympathy for FRC's hate agenda.

25. I'm hoping for some dirt to flush out with this.

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Maybe someone was gonna expose something. I hope it's not just a marital fling thing. Maybe it was some good repub xtian accidental shooting his gun off as he....

lots of fun to speculate. Hope for real news on it soon. I know I am bad for hoping for scandal but these aholes are NOT about any kind of Family Values let alone any kind of Christian values.

46. What comes around goes around.

Daily Kos:

 I'm guessing he thought FRC (1+ / 0-)
was too "soft" on gays/guns/women.
We do not forgive. We do not forget. The whole world is watching.

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