Paul Ryan's awful anti-gun voting record

Ryan voted for 1999 HR 2122, the Mandatory Gun Show Background Check Act

Ryan voted for H.AMDT.215 to H.R.2122 (Rep Dingell, John D.) Amendment defines what constitutes a sale at a gun show; requires background checks at gun shows to be completed within 24 hours; allows dealers to deal at gun shows face-to-face; and increases the penalty for those who use guns with a large-capacity magazine during the commission of crimes.


Ryan voted for H.AMDT.218 to H.R.2122 (Rep McCollum, Bill) Amendment prohibits juveniles from possessing semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition clips.

Ryan voted for H.AMDT.219 to H.R.2122 (Rep Davis, Thomas M.) Amendment mandates the transfer of a secure gun storage or safety device with the transfer of any handgun and establishes liability criteria for damages resulting from the criminal or unlawful misuse of a handgun by a third party.


Ryan voted for H.AMDT.221 to H.R.2122 (Rep Sessions, Pete) Amendment requires a background check on a person whose gun is returned to him by a pawnshop if that gun has been stored at the pawnshop for more than 1 year.


Ryan voted AGAINST H.AMDT.222 to H.R.2122 (Rep Goode, Virgil H., Jr.) Amendment sought to repeal a District of Columbia law that prohibits residents from possessing a firearm.



  1. Paul Ryan voted YES on CISPA, the bill that attacks Internet liberty and the 1st amendment. -April 26, 2012 HR 3523 - Now that's what I call a real freedom fighter:

  2. The National Defense Authorization Act, also known as NDAA, gives the government the authority to arrest American civilians, detain them indefinitely, and deny them legal council and the right to a jury trial. Paul Ryan voted NO to repeal NDAA indefinite detention just like Barack Hussein Obama wanted - May 18, 2012 H Amdt 1127:

  3. Paul Ryan, voted YES on Bill HR347 just like Obama wanted, making it easier for the government to criminalize protests.