Stockman challenges Obama: Come to Texas so I can teach you how to create jobs

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman issued the following statement Feb. 1 after the Obama administration announced unemployment rate had risen to 7.9 percent:

Today’s news the unemployment rate has risen to 7.9 percent is our monthly reminder Obama is failing.  He inherited an unemployment rate of 7.3 percent.  After four years and a Congress that gave him everything he demanded in a $1.2 trillion “stimulus” bill, the only thing that grew was human suffering.

The rising unemployment rate makes Obama’s decision to disband his Jobs Council even more insulting.  Obama wants us to accept unemployment and poverty as the new normal.  Under Obama our only reliable export is failure.

Obama’s stubborn policy of raising taxes on job creators and issuing wasteful regulations means the private sector isn’t growing fast enough to restore our economy.  We can’t afford four more years of Obama’s failed liberalism.

Not only did the unemployment rate rise, the Obama administration once again ‘revised’ past monthly unemployment numbers to show they were higher than previously reported.  Additionally, job growth was less than anticipated and far less than in past months.

Since Obama has completely given up on restoring prosperity, Texas is ready to lead.  I am challenging Obama to come down to Texas, where I will teach him how to create jobs.

Texas also inherited an economy from George W. Bush.

Unlike Obama’s economy, ours is booming.  Spending cuts, small government and light regulations are the fuel that have the Texas economy roaring.

Texas did it by cutting taxes, while Obama ground America’s to a halt by raising taxes.

Texas fueled jobs by expanding our oil and gas industry, while Obama has siphoned off jobs by slashing oil and gas production on federal lands and aggressively attacking private development with regulations.

Liberals love to blame slower growth in government spending for low job numbers, but the Texas cut spending by $11 billion and job growth exploded.  Government spending is a barrier to prosperity.

While Obama is burying the United States in massive deficits, Texas is sitting atop an $8 billion budget surplus.  Not only is Texas not running deficits, unlike Obama’s government we can pay off our debts.

Texas has a healthy, booming economy because we saw what Obama was doing, and did the opposite.  While Obama is giving up on job creation, Texas is busy trying to fill jobs.

Americans are flocking to Texas to find jobs that don’t exist in Obama’s vision of America.  I am challenging Obama to come to Texas, so I can teach him how to create jobs.  He may contact my office at 202-225-1555 so we can coordinate a travel schedule.

Will he accept my offer, or will he continue to ignore the economy?


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