Stockman: Pray to end abortions at Beaumont’s ‘Whole Woman’s Health’

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman Wednesday urged Southeast Texans to join him and his staff in 40 days of prayer to end abortions at the “Whole Woman’s Health” facility in Beaumont, Texas.

“The right to life is the great civil rights struggle of our age.  An innocent person’s right to life cannot be violated under any circumstance. No little boy or little girl should be subjected to violence because the government has declared them less than human,” said Stockman.  “We hope 40 days of peaceful, intercessory prayer will change hearts and end the tragedy of abortion.  Even if it saves one life, it is worth it.”

“The only way to stop abortion is through an outreach of love and an effort to legally change laws.  Praying to end abortion at the Beaumont facility is one way to help out,” said Stockman.  “You can do it from your home, your truck or your church.”

“It is a scientific fact life begins at conception.  That’s why future generations will consider abortion the way we do slavery.  They’re all based in the same myth – that some people are less than human,” said Stockman.

Though Beaumont is not in the 36th District, the facility boasts it performs abortions on women “from all over East Texas.”

Stockman and staffers do not plan to advertise the facility’s location by appearing there.  The prayer effort is inspired by the “40 Days For Life” movement, which encourages Christians to pray to end abortion.  The movement is not political or affiliated with the government, and Stockman’s office did not contact or communicate with the group.

Stockman is the original sponsor of the “Sanctity of Life Act” in 1995, a bill that was repeatedly re-introduced by now-retired Congressman Ron Paul.  Stockman is a co-sponsor of the current version, H.R.23, by Congressman Paul Broun.

Stockman is also a co-sponsor of H.R. 61 and H.R. 217, which cut off Title X funds to abortion clinics.


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