Stockman: Obama has time for Beyonce, but not for budgets

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas 36th) issued the following statement Monday after President Obama once again failed to fulfill his legal requirement to propose an annual federal budget:

I am not surprised President Obama has failed to meet today’s legal deadline to submit a proposed budget.  Failure to propose a budget seems to be an annual Obama tradition.

While the House has fulfilled our budget obligations every year, President Obama has spent more time with Beyonce than with his budget staff.  Jobless families are fed up with how Obama always makes his tee time in Hawaii, but can’t make it to a budget meeting down the hall.

President Obama’s failure to once again propose a budget on time, and Senate Democrats’ failure to hold a budget vote in four years, is one of the reasons the economy is failing.  Their failure to come up with a long-term budget creates fiscal uncertainty that hurts job creators and farmers.  You can’t get a loan, expand your business or plan for future growth if you can’t tell the bank what the government has planned for your industry this year.

The House has done our jobs responsibly and on time, but President Obama and Senate Democrats are too busy flying around the world and going to celebrity parties to do their jobs.  They are hurting the economy.  They are hurting consumers.  They are hurting those who grow our food and build our economy.

If President Obama can’t be bothered to do his job, perhaps it’s time to legally remove the President from the budget process.


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