Stockman: Obama disbands Jobs Council so he can focus on partisan attacks

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas 36th) released the following statement Jan. 31 after President Barack Obama announced he was disbanding the White House Jobs Council:

When President Obama took office in 2009 he inherited an unemployment rate of 7.3 percent.  Today it is 7.8 percent.  We learned yesterday the economy shrank last month because the private sector isn’t growing fast enough.  Four years and $1.2 trillion in debt-generating “stimulus” spending later, we’ve gone nowhere and appear to be sliding backward.

Rather than address our worsening economic crisis, President Obama shut down his Jobs Council today so he won’t be distracted by the economy.  Obama has given up on the economy because it takes his “laser focus” away from splitting Americans into warring factions.  Instead of jobs, Obama is focused on taking away gun rights, funneling taxpayer money to groups that bankrolled his election and expanding the cost of government.

While I will never waver in my defense of fiscal responsibility and gun rights, I am working hard every day to bring back prosperity.  In just three weeks on the job I am already working to make sure Texas ports continue to fuel the state’s miraculous economy.  I am working to pass the REINS Act to protect job creators from unpredictable and pointless regulations, which is one of the biggest barriers right now to new job creation.  Obama opposes us.  I am working to get the Keystone pipeline approved and completed to bring oil to Texas for our refineries, but Obama’s wavering is killing jobs.  I am working to pass the Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act to spur new energy jobs, but Obama is not leading.  In just three weeks I have taken more action to create actual jobs than Obama has in four years, and there will be much more action on my part.

Millions of families are struggling with unemployment and underemployment, but Obama doesn’t care.  Obama doesn’t care that families are losing their homes.  Obama doesn’t care that families must choose between buying groceries or buying medicine.  Obama doesn’t care when it means taking attention away from waging hyper-partisan warfare.

Americans want us to take action to restore the economy.  They want us to cut taxes and eliminate wasteful regulations.  But rather than listen, Obama has turned his back on the American people.
By disbanding his Jobs Council and instead focusing on petty politics, Obama has made it clear his vision for America isn’t one of prosperity and peace, but one of permanent government dependency, more debt and an unceasing focus on division and retribution.

Obama considers the plight of millions to be a bothersome distraction from bitter personal attacks and corrosive partisan warfare.  Americans are looking to President Obama for leadership, not sideshows.  Instead of expanding his political attacks while disbanding his Jobs Council, he should instead do the job Americans elected him to do.


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