Probe uncovers widespread illegal activity by Obama EPA

"Republican lawmakers are demanding a former top Environmental Protection Agency official’s texts and emails that could point to collusion with environmental activist group," The Daily Caller reports.

"Documents show that in 2011, then-EPA Associate Administrator for Policy Michael Goo seemingly used his private e-mail account to routinely communicate with outside groups attempting to influence agency policy," House Science Committee chairman Rep. Lamar Smith wrote in a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

"News reports have shown Goo, who now works for the Department of Energy, has close ties with environmental activists. He communicated with activists using a private email account and set up meetings outside EPA property to prevent them from being public record," The Daily Caller reports.

The messages would indicate the nation's wealthiest environmentalist groups are illegally colluding with Obama officials.

"Another e-mail sent from the Sierra Club to Mr. Goo’s private e-mail account states, ‘[a]ttached is a memo I didn’t want to send in public,'" Smith writes. "Mr. Goo was complicit in the lack of transparency by complying with the Sierra Club’s request because he failed to disclose the e-mail for two years"

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